Saturday, July 21, 2012

Dandelion (a visualization)

I close my eyes and hope as I blow on a dandelion. I hope, because I do not believe in wishing. My hope is not pointed. It has no specifics.  I meditate on the small feathered parachutes of the dandelion. They are designed to be carried in the wind. They go where the elements take them. My hope is just like this. It is only me opening my heart and asking for goodness, happiness, purpose, lessons, greater understanding, a new way of seeing, whatever comes my way. As I blow and the parachutes scatter, I watch the many directions they travel. I consider that I will never know where they land. And this is the way, they are the perfect representation of my hopes. I don't wish to know, to predict, or to have direction. I hope for what is meant to find me. I am grateful for what will find me without having any idea what it will look like. I think about the things that happen exactly as they are meant to. The dandelion does not ask for the wind. It grows and changes and exists. The wind does not set out specifically to spread the dandelion seed. It blows and in doing so fulfills a great many purpose without doing so deliberately. I take joy in thinking about the things that happen harmoniously in nature. I find solace in the reprieve from actions in life that must be preformed with an end result in mind. I lay back and close my eyes and feel one of the dandelion parachutes land on my face. One parachute that didn't drift away. I think this means that some of my hopes are already right here within me.

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