Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Growing Up

I once thought I'd weathered the heaviest storms
that I would ever encounter in life
That I'd already learned great lessons about
survival and struggle and strife.
I figured the worst was behind me
and I'd come out unscathed and I'd won
I didn't see what I can see now
which is that the challenge has only begun
I'm beginning to do some real growing up now
there's this new clarity in my world
realizing that there is much difference between
the struggles of a woman and that of a girl.
A girl is scared and defenseless
searching and running to find a safe place
but a woman must face things head on
with a mixture of courage, wisdom and grace.
I thought that I'd become a woman
when I started paying rent and had a kid
but my thoughts are showing me more maturity
than any of those actions ever did
Every day I wake up and question myself
the answers aren't always the same
but being grown is more about knowing yourself
than about this 'playing house' game.
So that is my moment of clarity
on this not so special, insignificant night
I've found my grace, my courage and my wisdom
and I'm ready to live my life right.

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