Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Cold War

Whether good or bad, all things shall pass
Nothing stays the same way
If the sun should hide for 40 nights
Still, it rises on the 41st day.
As a mountain climber trudges onward and up
Eventually the path winds its way down
And every frown becomes a smile
In turn, all smilers eventually frown.
And so is true of our happy home
Not every day is all warm and light
Sometimes we fail to love enough
Sometimes we don't hold each other at night.
Sometimes those days turn into weeks
Hell, they may go on longer still.
But in my experience, all things pass
And I hold out hope that this will.
I dream that again you will smile at me
as soon as I walk through the door.
That we will share a wealth of affection
Just like we used to before.
The love in my heart is still there and it's strong
But it's covered in a layer of ice.
I pray that soon we can turn the heat up, blow on it
melt it away to reveal Paradise.