Monday, July 26, 2010

Streamline and Simplify

I started pulling myself off of social networking sites today. I feel so pent up an strange... like I have an audience of several hundred people to say something to, and not wanting to say it to them. I hate wanting to express something and knowing that half the people reading either don't care or are people I can't be authentic towards because of family or something else. I want to shed anything unnecessary. To make it so that the only way to contact me is to reach out specificially to me in some personal manner.

Since I have always had an internet presence since the dawn of time, that must continue. But this is where i will be. And possibly there isn't a soul reading that, and it's fine. Because this is about what it used to be about for me. Chronicling my life and my thoughts for MY own purposes. I just have to stop feeling like free to speak and very censored all at the same time.

I just want to pull away until only those who really care know anything about me and what I'm doing. Then I'll be happy.


  1. I came home today and noticed something missing when I logged into Facebook like I do once a day. At first I was kind of confused, but then I came to my Google Reader page and saw this. I was suddenly really glad that I have this to come to. I am really glad that I can still see the piece of your life. Because as selfish as this sounds, I would really miss you if you went away.
    I am glad you have gotten to the point where you can write, and say what you please and in the end say 'this, this is for me'

  2. Beautiful.. Your words, your personality and YOU.

  3. I am so, so, SO glad that you are writing again. SO VERY GLAD. Also, I am glad that you are pulling away from all that social crazyness. I can relate to your reasoning very much and feel like I made the right decision for myself. <3