Sunday, August 5, 2012

Story of a flower.

The bud has to burst for the flower to bloom. When the petals can no longer stay curled up in fetal position. When the sun rays are just too tempting. When everything inside that bud is aching to feel sunshine. When the flower just can't hold on anymore and just can't be patient anymore. When it's just to big to fit inside that bud anymore. All that time growing and growing. From a little seed, to a hearty stem with some baby leaves, to a small bud, then a bigger bud, then a bud so full it's just beginning to part at the opening and reveal the colorful petals. It's a long time in the making. The long awaited blooming is incredible. And blooming happens so quickly. You could walk away from a tight lipped bud and come back to a flower in full bloom. If you're lucky you get to catch it happening. You get to see the beginning stages, the opening of the bud, the unfurling of the petals, a beautiful flower in the making getting its first taste of sunlight. The most beautiful thing you could ever be shown. And you just might miss it if you aren't looking. Don't look down. Don't look back. Just look. Look at today. Watch everything transform in front of you. Watch it all bloom.

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