Sunday, July 18, 2010

Here we are...

Just a little intro here. I've had many different blogs and websites over the years, and like many people have gotten caught up in the social networking craze. I'm saddened that my ability to communicate has been relegated to however many characters in a Facebook status update, when I used to write so freely and succinctly about the goings on in my mind. And I think that with limited writing has come more limited thinking. This is an attempt to get back to me and connect again with my thoughts. I think a lot about music, how songs and their lyrics relate to my life and thoughts. I think about spirituality. The ideologies that I believe in and those which I feel are limiting and detrimental to people. I think about all the things I observe about humanity every day. This is my favorite thing about living in a city so crowded...every day I see so many displays of love, kindness, selfishness openness and closedness and every day people are adding to my patchwork quilt view of society and of the human heart. This is just my individual experience. I hope you enjoy the ride.

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